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Martedì, 14 Agosto 2007

‘Emma!’ I look up, and see Katie heading towards me. She's dressed in a totally bizarre carrot costume, holding the arm of an elderly man with grey hair. Who must be her father, I suppose.
Which is a bit weird, because I thought she said she was coming with—
‘Emma, this is Phillip!’ she says radiantly. ‘Phillip, meet my friend Emma. She's the one who brought us together!’
Wh- what?
No. I don't believe it.
This is her new man? This is Phillip? But he has to be at least seventy!
‘So... er... remind me. Where exactly did you meet Phillip again?’
‘You know, silly!’ says Katie, mock-chidingly. ‘You suggested I should try somewhere different for lunch, remember? Well, I found this really unusual place, tucked away in a little street. In fact, I really recommend it.’
‘Is it... a restaurant? A café?’
‘Not exactly,’ she says thoughtfully. ‘I've never been anywhere like it before. You go in and someone gives you a tray, and you collect your lunch and then eat it, sitting at all these tables. And it only costs two pounds! And afterwards they have free entertainment! Like sometimes it's bingo or whist... sometimes it's a singsong round the piano. One time they had this brilliant tea dance! I've made loads of new friends.’
I stare at her for a few silent seconds.
‘Katie,’ I say at last. ‘This place. It couldn't possibly be - a day care centre for elderly?’
‘Oh!’ she says, looking taken aback. ‘Erm...’
Da "Can you keep a secret?" di Sophie Kinsella, Ed. Black Swan 
(Grazie a Giaci per la segnalazione)

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